Translating Investment into 21st Century Innovation

Texas A&M research turns discovery into deeds, develops tools and expertise designed for real-world applications, and delivers products and services that improve the lives of Texans. Cited nationally for “tangible contributions to the public interest,” Texas A&M remains true to its land-grant mission through innovation. Texas A&M Technology Commercialization has:

  • Licensed A&M System technologies to 111 start-up companies.
  • Worked with more than 4,300 inventors to review and assess almost 4,100 disclosed technologies and discoveries.
  • Successfully negotiated 1,034 licenses and 353 option agreements with 946 companies.
  • Obtained 1,432 issued patents.

Source: Texas A&M Technology Commercialization

Innovations from the Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI) have resulted in:

  • 286 lifetime invention disclosures (since1982)
  • 227 issued patents (since 1987)
    • 62 issued US Patents
    • 165 issued Foreign (non-US) Patents
  • 22 current license agreements 

Source: Texas A&M Transportation Institute