Texas A&M's Economic Impact on Texas

Texas A&M University - An Investment in the Future of Texas

Barely three decades into statehood, Texas had many needs. But few were more important in the eyes of the state’s early leaders than higher education. They knew Texas’ best hope for facing future challenges was in discovering new knowledge — and in turning those discoveries into deeds that serve the public good. Their investment in establishing the state’s first institution of higher learning was practical and visionary.

Today, Texas A&M University stands among the top public research universities in America and garners national recognition for preparing students to enter the workforce. Texas A&M leads the state in graduation rates and maintains the lowest administrative cost ratio in Texas. 

If those first Texans could see the fruits of their resolve, they would understand: This is a time tailor-made for Texas A&M.

  • The state receives countless benefits from the Aggie graduates, faculty, and partners who help Texas remain competitive. Long-Term Investments
  • Texas A&M turns discovery into deeds that serve the public good, develops tools and expertise designed for real world applications, and delivers products and services that improve the lives of Texans. Translating Investment into 21st Century Innovation
  • Texas A&M is one of the nation's largest universities in terms of enrollment, and is ranked #1 in Texas and 2nd nationally among all public universities in enrollment of National Merit Scholars. Preparing Tomorrow's Leaders