Exchange Program


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    The Program
    The Exchange Program for Visiting Student Researchers aims to promote, develop and strengthen the relationship between Texas A&M and Mexico in scientific and technological research. Participating students will spend up to 5 months (one semester) at a National Postgraduate Quality Program (PNPC) in Mexico to accomplish specific laboratory, library or field research, or to undertake specialized training that advances the research and/or scholarship of the faculty and students of both institutions. Participating students must be hosted by a collaborating faculty member at the institution in Mexico.
    List of accredited PNPC programs in Mexico

    This program is designed for Master and Doctoral students at Texas A&M who would like to complete a semester of research in Mexico. Applicants must be U.S. Citizens or permanent residents and maintain minimum 1 hour registration at Texas A&M University during their semester in Mexico.

    Please be mindful that all faculty and graduate students will need to follow current University regulations when traveling to countries under a travel warning. As of 9/10/2010, the State Department has issued a travel warning for Mexico. The Study Abroad Program Office will assist faculty and students in requesting permission to travel to Mexico under this program.

    Texas A&M will provide the following funding

    • $2,000 per month living expenses (fellowship)
    • $1,000 travel allowance (scholarship)
    • HTH Worldwide medical insurance coverage for term of Fellowship
    • Tuition and fees for 1 hour required registration (any additional registered hours are the students’ responsibility)

    Acceptance Criteria

    • Preference will be given to candidates who plan to engage in projects of mutual interest/benefit to Mexico and the United States and who are associated with faculty who have previously received funding under the Texas A&M-CONACYT Collaborative Research Grant Program.
      List of eligible faculty (PDF)
    • Full-time registration at Texas A&M University, at the time of application, is required and will be verified.

    This application information is for Summer 2012, Fall 2012, or Spring 2013.
    Please indicate the appropriate semester in the application.

    For additional information, please email Monica Holder at


    How to Apply
    Step 1: Establish contact with a proposed sponsoring faculty member from Texas A&M and a proposed host faculty member from a PNPC program in Mexico.

    Step 2: Once faculty hosts have been identified, send application package to the Division of Research - Attention: CONACYT by Thursday, March 1, 2012. All materials must be in English. The application package consists of:

    • Project Description. Limited to 3 pages and should include a timeline, expected outcomes, and indicate whether the project is linked to research currently or previously conducted through a Texas A&M-Mexican partnership.
    • The student’s resume (CV) including contact information, academic background and GPA.
    • Two letters of recommendation, including one from the student’s sponsoring faculty member at Texas A&M and the other from the hosting faculty member at the institution in Mexico.

    Step 3:
    Notification of Awards

    • Award decisions will be made on Tuesday, March 20, 2012.

    Note: Upon completion of this program, participants will be required to submit a project report within 30 days of returning. The project report form can be found here.