• Export Control Basic Training delivered via TrainTraq (course number 2111212) is required for the following classes of University employees:
    1. All employees of the Division of Research, excluding research animal technicians/caretakers;
    2. All employees of the International Ocean Discovery Program;
    3. All employees of TAMU’s High Performance Research Computing Facility
    4. All department/unit heads;
    5. All employees identified on Technology Control Plans processed through the TAMU’s Export Control Office;
    6. All employees of the Education Abroad Office;
    7. Supervisors submitting requests to hire or host Foreign Persons;
    8. All employees of ISSS; All Employees of Faculty Immigration Affairs
    9. All College of Geosciences employees; and
    10. All Health Science Center employees.
    11. All persons identified as responsible individuals on Acknowledgement of Controlled Items Forms
    12. All employees involved in High Risk Global Engagements or High Risk International Collaborations.
  • Export Control Basic Training specific for Texas A&M University at Qatar delivered via required for all employees of TAMUQ excluding local hires.
  • The Information Security Awareness Training program, delivered via TrainTraq includes an export control component and is required for all TAMU employees.
  • Procard Training, delivered via TrainTraq incorporates an export control component.  This training is required for all procard holders.
  • Education Abroad Organizers submitting requests for programs via the Education Abroad Office are required to take the Education Abroad Office’s Trip Leader Briefing. The training incorporates an export control component and is required for all education abroad Trip Leaders. 

Depending on the nature of an individual’s activities and/or job functions, a University employee may be required to take the basic export control online training course and/or supplemental export control training as deemed appropriate by the individual’s supervisor and/or the ECO.