Texas A&M University Postdoctoral Leadership

2022-2023 Executive Committee

Anton Classen, PhD

Department of Soil and Crop Sciences
Institute for Quantum Science and Engineering

Irshad Ahmad Hajam, PhD

Vice President
Department of Physiology and Pharmacology

Ivette Cornejo Corona, PhD

Communications Officer
Department of Biophysics and Biochemistry

Javier Ruiz-Pérez, PhD

Department of Ecology and Conservation Biology

Lauren O'Neil, PhD

Recording Secretary
Department of Geology & Geophysics

Joana Rocha, PhD

Event Coordinator
Department of Microbial Pathogenesis & Immunology (School of Medicine)

Isaac Khan, PhD

Website Officer
Texas A&M Health

Bhupinder Singh, PhD

Satellite Campus Officer
Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center at Vernon

Office of Postdoctoral Affairs

Andreea Trache, PhD

Faculty Fellow
Department of Medical Physiology

Shannon Eyre

Administrative Coordinator
Division of Research

Previous Executive Committee Members

2021 – 2022
President/Treasurer (after Jan 2021) – Tyler Raszick (Entomology)

Vice President/Communication officer (after Nov 2021) – Josefina Kjollerstrom (Veterinary Integrative Biosciences)

Communications Officer (until Nov 2021) – Alexa Wood (Geography)

2020 – 2021
President/Treasurer (after Jan 2021) – Tyler Raszick (Entomology)

Vice President/Communication Officer (after Jan 2021) – Josefina Kjollerstrom (Veterinary Integrative Biosciences)

Communications (until Jan 2021) – Adam Salazar (Biochemistry and Biophysics)

Treasurer (until Jan 2021) – Loren Rivera Vega (Entomology)

2019 – 2020
President Patricia Ishii (Veterinary Integrative Biosciences)

Vice President Rachel Pilla (Gastrointestinal Laboratory)

Treasurer Tyler Raszick (Entomology)

Recording Secretary John Boswell (Soil and Crop Sciences)

Corresponding Secretary Josefina Kjollerstrom (Veterinary Integrative Biosciences)

2018 – 2019
Amanda Adams (Biology)

Vice-President Vinicius Venancio (Nutrition and Food Science)

Treasurer Heather Allaway (Health and Kinesiology)

Corresponding Secretary Shuya Ota (Cyclotron Institute) 

Recording Secretary Rachel Pilla (Gastrointestinal Laboratory)

2017 – 2018

President Amanda Adams (Biology)

Vice President Rachel Scudder (Oceanography)

Corresponding Secretary Matthew Kesterke (Biomedical Sciences)

Recording Secretary Heather Allaway (Health and Kinesiology)

Treasurer Samantha Bell (Microbial Pathogenesis and Immunology)

2016 – 2017

President Amanda Adams (Biology)

Vice President Rachel Scudder (Oceanography)

Correspondence Secretary Jone Stanley Arulrajadurai (Veterinary Integrative Biosciences)

Recording Secretary Xi Li (Veterinary Integrative Biosciences)

Treasurer Samantha Bell (Microbial Pathogenesis and Immunology)

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall meet regularly to review any issues or concerns related to postdoctoral life at Texas A&M. It will be in charge of maintaining the relevance of the bylaws to the Association, suggesting bylaw amendments to the officers if any are deemed necessary. The Executive Committee shall provide analysis of the legality and the integration of any proposed amendment prior to a vote and shall be responsible for interpreting the bylaws when a question of interpretation arises.

Terms of office shall begin June 1, and shall be terminated May 31.

  • President: The President shall preside over and set agendas for the Executive Committee meetings and the biannual general assembly meetings shall serve as the liaison to Texas A&M and other organizations, shall approve and/or initiate PDA events, and shall be responsible for the condition of the PDA and the proper discharge of the duties of the Executive Committee members. Additionally, the President will serve in official capacities in other campus organizations including but not limited to the University Staff Council and the Center for Teaching Excellence Faculty and Student Advisory Board.
  • Vice President: The Vice President shall support all of the duties of the President and assume those duties, or those of the other officers, in their temporary absence, shall coordinate creation of an annual written report to be completed and presented at the spring general assembly meeting. This report will summarize all completed business, ongoing business, and plans for the next year by all committees. The Vice President shall also keep minutes for the general assembly and Executive Committee meetings. In case the Vice President is absent from a meeting, other members of the Executive Committee can take over recording minutes.
  • Communications Officer: The Communications Officer will carry out the PDA’s correspondence with the Texas A&M community. Specifically, they will communicate meeting notices, seminar and activity announcements, meeting minutes and agendas, maintain the Executive Committee email server and assign email addresses to the Executive Committee members, respond to emails on the general PDA email account, maintain the PDA website, and distribute any news and noteworthy achievements of the PDA members. Additionally, the Communications Officer will be expected to actively maintain the social media accounts of the Texas A&M PDA, and they will be responsible for upkeep of the Texas A&M PDA listserv. The Communications Officer will also coordinate activities with the Departmental Representatives.
  • Treasurer: The Treasurer shall develop a budget request and present it to the Division of Research prior to a new fiscal year. Upon approval, the Treasurer shall keep record of spending and administer budget tracking, administer cost codes and accounts, and provide regular reports on the organization’s finances at general assembly and Executive Committee meetings. Additionally, the Treasurer is responsible for the organization’s compliance with Texas A&M rules and regulations. They shall complete required financial training through the TrainTraq system. They shall be familiar with the proper use and procedures associated with the use of the Texas A&M PDA Pro-Card provided by the Division of Research.