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The Division of Research has created a COVID-19 Research Index in response to a number of queries by faculty trying to contribute to COVID research, or some in the COVID area in need of specific collaborators. If you are in the process of applying for funding, have been awarded funding, or even in the planning stages, you are invited to supply information for the Index.

Click here to fill out the form and submit it for inclusion in the Research Index.

Research Index

Basic Laboratory Research Unrelated to Therapeutics
Clinical Trials
Diagnostics, Vaccines, Therapeutics and Drug Development
Educational Research and Practice
Insecurity and Inequality in Academia: The Differential Impacts of COVID-19 on Work Conditions and Work-Life Balance among the Texas A&M Academic Community
  • ​​Principal Investigator: Cynthia Werner, ADVANCE/Dean of Faculties Office, Texas A&M University
  • Project Summary: The COVID-19 pandemic necessitated a rapid transformation of work conditions and work-life balance for university faculty, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate students. This mixed-methods, interdisciplinary study focuses on the differential impacts of COVID-19 on three particularly vulnerable groups: tenure-track faculty, academic professional track faculty, and future faculty.

Effects of COVID-19 on Specific Populations
Effects of the Pandemic on Healthcare Workers, Delivery and Policy
Epidemiological, Social and Behavioral Research
Prediction of Covid 19 cases using data integration
  • ​​Principal Investigator: Bani K Mallick, Department of Statistics, Texas A&M University
  • Project Summary: Novel Bayesian hierarchical model integrating global data to predict infection trajectory. See the paper: Estimation of COVID-19 spread curves integrating global data and borrowing information.

    Now working on USA state and county level data to see the effect of opening up.

Medical Device Development
Public Policy Analysis and Impact
Health versus the Economy Amid COVID-19: What Do People Value More?
  • ​​Principal Investigator: Marco A Palma, Department of Agricultural Economics, Texas A&M University
  • Project Summary: Public efforts to battle COVID-19 have been portrayed as a trade-off between health and the economy. We investigate how the U.S. general public prioritizes the health and the income dimensions amid COVID-19 using an incentivized instrument with real monetary consequences. Specifically, participants have to divide monetary contributions between two charitable organizations representing the health or the income dimension.


COVID-19 & Information: Legal Constraints and Affordances
  • ​​Principal Investigator: Sandra Braman, Department of Communication, Texas A&M University
  • Project Summary: A legal epidemiological analysis examining law and policy as factors in the cause, distribution, prevention, and mitigation of COVID-19, with a particular focus on COVID-19-related research and other information policy issues.


“Your safety is my safety”: Public health information and linguistic diversity in Qatar amidst the COVID-19 pandemic
  • ​​Principal Investigator: Sara Hillman, Texas A&M University at Qatar
  • Project Summary: This study examines the various ways that Qatar is educating and supporting its linguistically diverse population, especially migrant workers lacking a strong command of Arabic or English, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.


Stress and Mental Health During COVID-19

This is completely voluntary and we are aware that some faculty may be conducting embargoed research and do not wish to participate. This Index will augment collaboration among Texas A&M researchers and hopefully accelerate research. Thank you for your participation in this project.

For questions, please contact Chantel Robinson (