Texas A&M-CONACYT: Collaborative Research Grant Program

This competitive, peer-reviewed program advances inter-institutional cooperation in science, technology, and scholarly activities through the complementary efforts of scientists and scholars from Texas A&M and Mexican institutions.

Texas A&M University and the Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnologia (CONACYT) began the Collaborative Research Grant Program in 2001.

Texas A&M-CONACYT Collaborative Research Program

  • 2019-2020 awards were made on September 1, 2020.
  • Due to COVID-19 challenges, the next RFP has not been announced.
  • The 2019-2020 Request for Proposals is located here (PDF)
  • Last cycle, the program issued 10 awards. Each award provided US$30,000 total in joint funding. Total budget of US$30,000 was split between the Texas A&M and Mexico PI. (Ratio determined by the PIs.)
  • One principal investigator is required from Texas A&M and the other from any institution of higher education or a research center in Mexico that is registered in El Registro Nacional de Instituciones y Empresas Científicas y Tecnológicas (RENIECYT).

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The Texas A&M University-CONACYT: Collaborative Research Grant Program marks a significant place in the strong history between a Texas university with a commitment to others and a Mexican government body with much of the same goals—improve lives, ensure economic stability, and make a difference for the future. CONACYT is Mexico’s foremost agency for the support of research, both in Mexico and abroad.

Under the current agreement, Texas A&M and CONACYT agreed that the parties would undertake joint programs in areas of mutual interest including research and exchange opportunities.

Texas A&M and CONACYT leaders share a strong commitment to the support and advancement of collaborative research between Texas A&M and scientists and scholars from Mexico, especially in topics of mutual importance to Mexico and the United States.

Under the Collaborative Research Grant Program a principal investigator (PI) is required from both Texas A&M and a CONACYT-registered institution.

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Mexico Partnership Services

Mexico Partnership Services is a non-profit corporation located in Mexico City and operated through the Public Partnerships and Outreach in the Office of the Provost at Texas A&M. The mission of Mexico Partnership Services is to facilitate partnerships between Texas A&M faculty and departments wanting to establish academic, research, engagement, and training linkages with Mexican and U.S. universities, industries, and governmental agencies. Such services include assisting both U.S. and Mexico based faculty with finding appropriate contacts, applying as a Mexican corporation for funded projects, managing grant contracts, hiring employees in Mexico, making local arrangements, and providing other similar services. For contact information please access to the following link: http://mexico.tamu.edu/.

Questions should be directed to:

Texas A&M Contact

Research Development Services or CONACYT