Kevin Glowacki

Associate Professor
Department of Architecture
College of Architecture

An archaeologist and architectural historian, Kevin Glowacki has over 30 years of experience excavating and documenting sites in the Mediterranean. His most recent research focuses on vernacular architecture at the Late Bronze Age-Early Iron Age settlement of Kavousi Vronda and the formative stages of the Bronze-Age Minoan city of Gournia, both sites located in eastern Crete (Greece).

Glowacki will investigate the concept of religious landscape in ancient Greece through an examination of sanctuaries and cult locations on the slopes of the Acropolis of Athens. Apart from some of the most iconic emblems of the ancient Greek world, many of the lesser known ritual places on the Acropolis slopes seem to have been much simpler. He will create the first detailed, holistic analysis of this religious landscape. It will take into consideration archival documents and material remains from twentieth century excavations in Athens as well as discoveries brought to light during more recent conservation of the archaeological sites. Glowacki’s interdisciplinary approach seeks to expand the understanding of the diversity of religious life in ancient Athens by integrating all categories of evidence for these sacred places and presenting them not only as locations of ritual activity, but as places of memory, culture and heritage that were established and consciously maintained within the urban environment. He is under contract for a book and will produce a website that will provide resources for students, scholars and the general public.

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