Chaitanya Lakkimsetti

Assistant Professor
Department of Sociology
College of Liberal Arts

Chaitanya Lakkimsetti’s work centers on gender, sexuality, law and citizenship. In her empirical and theoretical work, she employs transnational and intersectional approaches to study sexual and gender inequalities in a global context.

Lakkimsetti’s monograph, Devotional Practices, focuses on the intersections of religion, sexuality and gender in contemporary India. Concentrating on two temple practices in South India, the book will look at how male, female and transgender sexualities are co-constituted through devotional practice. Existing scholarship in the field of sexuality/queer studies privileges liberal secular subject and has paid little attention to the intersections of religion and sexuality. Lakkimsetti will use her fellowship to undertake additional research to complete the monograph and produce a journal article. She will also organize a photo exhibition to highlight fascinating intersections between religion and sexuality in contemporary India.

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