Nancy Warren

Department of English
College of Liberal Arts

The author of four scholarly books on medieval and early modern religious cultures, Nancy Warren specializes in medieval and early modern literature and culture; female spirituality; transnational approaches to literature (especially England, France, and Spain); and intersections of gender, religion, and nationality.

The Arts & Humanities Fellowship will support Warren’s effort to analyze legacies of medieval religion in the cultures and texts of the three major colonizing populations of the Americas: English, French, and Spanish. She will produce a book titled Hemispheric Medievalisms: The “Old Religion” in the New World, 1550-1850, which will revise traditional understandings of the early modern Americas. This project demonstrates how fundamental the medieval is to settlement projects that defined themselves in terms of newness and also sheds new light on religious conflicts in later medieval and early modern Europe, since it puts religious developments in the Americas into dialogue with European confessional strife.

Funding will enable Warren to complete her research and finish writing the manuscript, which she plans to offer to a quality academic press. She will also submit two articles to well-regarded journals and will present her work at symposia.