Your feedback is critical: DRAFT Texas A&M Research Enterprise strategic plan


From the Vice President for Research 

The process of developing a research enterprise strategic plan for the Texas A&M University research enterprise started during the summer of 2021. We engaged the Mays Business School as we conducted surveys, town halls, and listening-and-feedback sessions. Many within the research enterprise have shared their perceptions of the strengths, opportunities, aspirations, and results possible with the engagement of all stakeholders.  We appreciate your involvement in this process, and continued progress as a division.

It is critical that you review and provide your feedback on how well this document provides:

  • clarity of the mission of the Division of Research, and the research enterprise
  • understanding of the strategic planning process that included stakeholders input and feedback
  • identification of the cultural changes required to create and sustain an environment conducive to innovation and creativity
  • the value of a strategic thought process in alignment of tasks/activities in order to advance the research mission for the public good.  

Advancing the research enterprise requires each of us making individual contributions towards something greater than ourselves. Please visit this Division of Research website link to access the draft document (behind SSO), and provide your comments through the feedback form, the Qualtrics feedback survey, or via email to by May 5, 2023.


Jack Baldauf