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It is the responsibility of Texas A&M University to assure that all Texas A&M and Texas A&M AgriLife Research personnel involved in the care, treatment, and use of animals in research and teaching are qualified to perform their duties. The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) expects all personnel to participate in the Texas A&M Animal Care and Use Training Program to satisfy their training requirement. As part of the Animal Use Protocol (AUP) approval process, principal investigators must document the training and experience of their personnel.

CMP Training


Other Training Resources Available on TrainTraq (search by title to access the course):

The following courses are intended to provide education about handling laboratory animals at specific biosafety levels. The videos were created by the American Biological Safety Association. There are a few Texas A&M University procedures that differ from the video, and those techniques will be covered in hands-on training. Once a TrainTraq course is completed, a certificate is generated as training documentation.

  • 2111405 : Handling Laboratory Animals at Biosafety Level 1 - ABSL1 - Biosafety
  • 2111386 : Handling Laboratory Animals at Biosafety Level 2 - ABSL2 - Biosafety
  • 2111406 : Handling Laboratory Animals at Biosafety Level 3 - ABSL3 - Biosafety