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On August 25, 2011, the Department of Health and Human Services enacted new, more stringent rules regarding financial conflicts of interest in research. The new requirements for disclosure of investigator financial conflicts of interest and for management and reporting of resulting financial conflicts of interest associated with research projects are effective August 24, 2012.

These new requirements apply to ALL investigators involved in research at the University, regardless of job title, who are responsible for the design, conduct, or reporting of research or research activities.

Pursuant to the Texas A&M System Regulation 15.01.03 Financial Conflicts of Interest in Sponsored Research, and University Rule 15.01.03.M1, Texas A&M University has the responsibility to identify and manage and reduce or eliminate conflicts of interest that may arise due to financial or other personal interests of the investigator. Therefore, investigators will be required to disclose financial interests related to their institutional responsibilities online via Maestro. Login to Maestro with your SSO login ID and password. Once in Maestro:

  1. Navigate to Researcher  >  sub-tab FCOI  >  Disclosure Tasks.
  2. Click on the Submit Disclosure or Renew Disclosure link to take you to the disclosure document.
  3. Enter data, certify, and submit your disclosure.


In addition, all investigators who are responsible for designing, conducting, or reporting on research or research activities must now complete training on financial conflicts of interest. Employees will receive automatic notifications with a link to the training. The training is currently available through the A&M System’s Single Sign On system (TrainTraq Course 2111716).


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