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Research Administration

Guidance – Foreign Influence in Research

Contract Negotiation Process

Research Compliance and Biosafety


DOR Administration

Industry Administration

SRS Administration

DOR Unfunded Research Agreements

  • MTA
  • NDA
  • Data Use 


Rules and Regulations

Export Controls

Financial Conflict of Interest

Good Laboratory Practices

Minors in Lab

PI Eligibility

Research Compliance and Biosafety


Research Compliance Review Committees

Research Data Stewardship

Research Misconduct

Responsible Conduct of Research

Time and Effort 

UAS Drones

Visiting Research Scholars


Project Management

Administrative Forms Documentation

Budgeting on Project Zero

Comparative Medicine Program

Cost Sharing

Facilities and Administrative Costs

Forms and Other Key Documents

Indirect Incentive Return

Interim Funding

Project Closeout

Project Monitoring

Project Payroll

Project Set-up

Research Compliance and Biosafety

Research Titles and Staffing

Time and Effort 



Technology Commercialization


Licensing from A&M

Licensing from A&M


Commercialization Steps

Forming a Start-up Company with TTC

Steps to Commercialization:

  1. Disclosing Inventions
  2. Commercialization Mapping
  3. CEO or Advisor Identification
  4. Business Model and Plan
  5. Incorporation
  6. Options or License Agreements
  7. Conflict of Interest Disclosure
  8. Approval from Board of Regents


Industry Engagement



Technology Translation


Disclosing Inventions