2020 - CPRIT High-Impact/High-Risk Research Awards

Limited Submission Funding Opportunity for Texas A&M Faculty and PIs


High-Impact/High-Risk Research Awards



Limited Submission Program (LSP): This funding opportunity and the Limited Submission Program (LSP) is open to all Texas A&M University faculty and principal investigators who meet the eligibility requirements. Texas A&M and The Texas A&M University System agencies jointly administer this process to select the proposal(s) that will be submitted to the sponsor in response to this solicitation.


Institutional Eligibility:  The applicant must be a Texas-based entity. Any not-for-profit institution or organization that conducts research is eligible to apply for funding under this award mechanism. A public or private company is also eligible for funding under this award mechanism.


PI Eligibility:  

  • The Principal Investigator (PI) must have a doctoral degree, including MD, PhD, DDS, DMD, DrPH, DO, DVM, or equivalent and reside in Texas for the period of the time that the research that is the subject of the grant application is conducted.
  • A PI may submit only 1 new or resubmission application under this RFA during this funding cycle.
  • One Co-PI may be included. An individual may serve as a Co-PI in more than 1 application but should ensure that he or she could dedicate adequate time and effort should more than 1 application be funded. The Co-PI must reside in Texas for the period of the time that the research that is the subject of the grant application is conducted.
  • Collaborations are permitted and encouraged, and collaborators may or may not reside in Texas. However, collaborators who do not reside in Texas are not eligible to receive CPRIT funds. Collaborators should have specific and well-defined roles. Subcontracting and collaborating organizations may include public, not-for-profit, and for-profit entities. Such entities may be located outside of the State of Texas, but non–Texas-based organizations are not eligible to receive CPRIT funds.
  • An individual may serve as a PI on no more than 3 active Academic Research grants. Recruitment Grants and Research Training Awards do not count toward the 3-grant maximum; however, CPRIT considers project leaders on a MIRA award equivalent to a PI. For the purpose of calculating the number of active grants, CPRIT will consider the number of active grants at the time of the award contract effective date (for this cycle expected to be 8/31/20).
  • Please see RFA for additional eligibility requirements


The proposal will be prepared and submitted by Sponsored Research Services (SRS).


Proposal Limit: 5 applications from an academic research institution


Summary:  Provides short-term funding to explore the feasibility of high-risk projects that, if successful, would contribute major new insights into the etiology, diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of cancers.


Award: Up to $250,000 (total costs)


Maximum duration: 2 years.



October 11, 2019
Deadline for an email of intent including the title of the internal proposal and a one to three sentence description of the project.  Send email of intent to limitedsubmissions@tamu.edu
October 18, 2019
Deadline to submit an internal proposal.All proposals for the LSP must be submitted electronically using the e-proposal on-line application system.Be prepared to upload your internal proposal. The sections will include a research plan summary (3 pages max not including references), two-page bio-sketch (per PI), and preliminary budget.The e-proposal site is password protected. Texas A&M principal investigators may use their NetID and password to access the system. If you do not have a NetID, click HERE for help to activate your NetID. You will need your UIN and your date of birth.  Once you log-in to e-proposal, choose “Limited Submission Grant” from the Available Grants section.

If you have any questions, please contact:shelly.martin@tamu.edu  or 979.862.2233.

November 15, 2019
Target date for the notifications to PIs of the result of the internal competition.
January 15, 2019
Sponsor deadline for the full proposal.

Internal Selection Procedures:

Texas A&M has established a procedure to identify limited submission opportunities and internally select proposals for Texas A&M submissions.  Please contact us if you have any questions about the limited submission process.