2019 - USAID Farmer to Farmer Agricultural Volunteer Opportunity Project Small Grants Program



Agricultural Volunteer Opportunity Project (AVOP)

Small Grants Program



Limited Submission Program (LSP): This funding opportunity and the Limited Submission Program (LSP) is open to all Texas A&M University faculty and principal investigators who meet the eligibility requirements. Texas A&M and The Texas A&M University System agencies jointly administer this process to select the proposal(s) that will be submitted to the sponsor in response to this solicitation.


Institutional Eligibility:  Entities eligible to receive U.S. federal grant awards under this RFA include: non-profit

organizations, for-profit firms, cooperatives, colleges and universities.  In addition, applicants

must meet all criteria below:


● IS a US-based organization

● Is NOT implementing a Core Country F2F program (as prime) at time of award

● Is NOT currently implementing a sub-award under the AVOP program


Applications from organizations that do not meet all eligibility criteria listed above will not be evaluated. Please note, implementing organizations that are sub-awardees to current core F2F implementers are eligible under this RFA, but must propose a project substantially different from their currently held sub-award. Implementing organizations that were small grantees or Program Development Project (PDP) holders during the FY14-FY18 phase or FY09-FY13 phase of the F2F program are eligible for small grants under this RFA. U.S.-based entities are encouraged to work with non-U.S.-based partners to implement F2F small grants. All proposed partnerships must be clearly identified in the grant application.


The proposal will be prepared and submitted by Sponsored Research Services (SRS).


Proposal Limit: 1


Summary:  The F2F Program goal is to generate sustainable, broad -based economic growth in the agricultural sector through voluntary technical assistance. A secondary goal is to increase the U.S. public’s understanding of international development issues and programs and international understanding of the U.S. and U.S. development programs. F2F introduces innovation and develops local capacity for more productive, profitable, sustainable and equitable agricultural systems while providing opportunity for people -to-people interaction in agricultural development activities. Programs build institutions and transfer technology and management expertise to link small farmers with markets that exploit comparative advantages in production, processing and marketing. Activities are varied and conform to country needs and strategic objectives. Specific F2F projects align with or support USAID Mission strategies and objectives or those of other USG programs in a given country.


Applicants responding to this RFA should propose projects that focus on one or more of the four main objectives of F2F:

  • Increase agricultural sector productivity and profitability;
  • Improve conservation and sustainable use of environmental and natural resources;
  • Expand agricultural sector access to financial services
  • Strengthen agricultural sector institutions; and/or


Applicants are encouraged to demonstrate how their concept papers and proposals tie into larger

US Government development strategies, including but not limited to those listed below:

  • Feed the Future Initiative (FTF)
  • USAID Country Strategies
  • USAID Agriculture Strategy
  • The U.S. Farm Bill



June 10, 2019
Deadline for an email of intent including the title of the internal proposal and a one to three sentence description of the project.  Send email of intent to limitedsubmissions@tamu.edu
June 17, 2019
Deadline to submit an internal proposal.All proposals for the LSP must be submitted electronically using the e-proposal on-line application system.Be prepared to upload your internal proposal. The sections will include a research plan summary (3 pages max not including references), two-page bio-sketch (per PI), and preliminary budget. The e-proposal site is password protected. Texas A&M principal investigators may use their NetID and password to access the system. If you do not have a NetID, click HERE for help to activate your NetID. You will need your UIN and your date of birth.  Once you log-in to e-proposal, choose “Limited Submission Grant” from the Available Grants section.

If you have any questions, please contact:shelly.martin@tamu.edu  or 979.862.2233.

July 1, 2019
Target date for the notifications to PIs of the result of the internal competition.
July 15, 2019
Sponsor deadline for the full proposal.

Internal Selection Procedures:

Texas A&M has established a procedure to identify limited submission opportunities and internally select proposals for Texas A&M submissions.  Please contact us if you have any questions about the limited submission process.