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Kleberg Foundation

Kleberg Grants


Limited Submission Program (LSP): This funding opportunity and the Limited Submission Program (LSP) is open to all Texas A&M University faculty and principal investigators who meet the eligibility requirements. Texas A&M and The Texas A&M University System agencies jointly administer this process to select the proposal(s) that will be submitted to the sponsor in response to this solicitation.


Institutional Eligibility:  The Robert J. Kleberg, Jr. and Helen C. Kleberg Foundation only awards grants to qualifying institutions and agencies that further the vision of Bob and Helen Kleberg through the following program areas:

  1. basic medical science and biomedical research;
  2. education, community and health services in Kleberg and surrounding counties of South Texas;
  3. arts and humanities; and
  4. wildlife, and veterinary and animal sciences.


The proposal will be prepared and submitted by Sponsored Research Services (SRS).


Proposal Limit: 1 from TAMU & agencies or affiliated entities; and 1 from the Health Science Center


Summary:  The Foundation is seeking highly innovative, groundbreaking medical research proposals, which should be submitted through the office of research and sponsored projects, development department, or other office that provides institutional approval of the request.  Applications submitted by an individual researcher will not be accepted.  Medical research proposals are reviewed by a scientific advisory committee which serves as a moderator for the Foundation on the discussion of scientific and technical merit of the proposals under review.

Due to Federal regulations, the Foundation only gives grants to those organizations which qualify under section 501(c)(3), or public universities under section 170(c), of the Internal Revenue Code.


Funding is highly competitive; therefore, the Foundation Directors strive to select projects and programs where funding will have the greatest impact. Due to the large volume of proposals received by the Foundation, only about one in every ten submissions is awarded funding.  Priority is given to organizations with whom the Foundation has a long-standing relationship.




As a general policy the Foundation refrains from making grants to support:

  1. Individuals;
  2. Operating endowments;
  3. Deficit financing;
  4. Community organizations outside of Kleberg and surrounding counties of South Texas;
  5. Appeals for religious purposes or organizations limited by race or religion;
  6. Propaganda organizations or committees whose efforts are aimed at influencing legislation;
  7. Table sponsorships;
  8. Fundraising events or advertising;
  9. Indirect costs or overhead for projects; and
  10. Other granting agencies or foundations for ultimate distribution to agencies or programs of its own choosing.


As the Foundation’s resources are limited, it is compelled to apply the following additional restrictions with regard to grant making:

As a general rule:

  • Organizations that have been established for five years or more may receive funding, but only for projects/programs that demonstrate innovative approaches to problems;
  • General operating funds will not be provided for established organizations;
  • Project support beyond a period of five years will not be considered;
  • Grant requests from separate entities of the same institution / organization / agency or affiliated entities will be treated as having been submitted by a single entity, with the exception of a university’s medical unit, which will be treated as an entity separate from the university; and
  • A single entity may submit one request per year.  For medical research proposals, please contact Foundation staff for guidance.


Guidelines for Consideration of Capital Requests

  • The Foundation rarely considers requests for capital projects such as the purchase or renovation of facilities, repairs and maintenance of physical infrastructure or the purchase of major equipment. Preference will be given to organizations that consider environmentally friendly features.
  • As a general rule, the Foundation will not consider capital requests before at least 50 percent of the total project costs have already been committed from other sources.
  • The Foundation will primarily give preference to the capital needs of smaller, community-based agencies in cases where a grant will have a significant impact on the agency’s ability to secure additional resources to complete the project. In such instances, projects will be given priority over multi-year, multi-million dollar capital campaigns.
  • The Foundation asks that requests for support of large capital campaigns of major cultural institutions, institutions of higher education, and hospitals be preceded by a formal conversation with Foundation staff so as to determine the project’s fit with the Foundation’s priorities.



  • The Foundation is open to considering potential naming opportunities associated with a grant, as applicable.  However, naming opportunities have no bearing at all on the Trustees’ decision to fund a project.
  • With regard to mementoes, the Foundation desires that all resources of any Grantee be dedicated to accomplishing its philanthropic purposes.  Accordingly, Grantees agree not to recognize the Foundation, its board members, or staff with any commemorative gifts or tokens.




June 26, 2017

Deadline for an email of intent including the title of the internal proposal and a one to three sentence description of the project. 


Send email of intent to

July 3, 2017

Deadline to submit an internal proposal.


All proposals for the LSP must be submitted electronically using the e-proposal on-line application system.


Be prepared to upload your internal proposal. The sections will include a one-three page research plan summary, two-page bio-sketch (per PI), and preliminary budget.


The e-proposal site is password protected. Texas A&M principal investigators may use their NetID and password to access the system. If you do not have a NetID, click HERE for help to activate your NetID. You will need your UIN and your date of birth.  Once you log-in to e-proposal, choose “Limited Submission Grant” from the Available Grants section.

If you have any questions, please contact:  or 979.862.2233.


July 31, 2017

Target date for the notifications to PIs of the result of the internal competition.

September 30, 2017

Sponsor deadline for the full proposal.



Internal Selection Procedures:

Texas A&M has established a procedure to identify limited submission opportunities and internally select proposals for Texas A&M submissions.  Please contact us if you have any questions about the limited submission process.