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Please distribute this information to your faculty and eligible PIs who may have an interest in submitting an application to this program


Limited Submission Funding Opportunity for Texas A&M Faculty and PIs


Career Development Programs in Diabetes Research for Pediatric Endocrinologists (K12)


Limited Submission Program (LSP): This funding opportunity and the Limited Submission Program (LSP) is open to all Texas A&M University faculty and principal investigators who meet the eligibility requirements. Texas A&M and The Texas A&M University System agencies jointly administer this process to select the proposal(s) that will be submitted to the sponsor in response to this solicitation.


PI Eligibility:  The PD/PI should be an established investigator in the scientific area in which the application is targeted and capable of providing both administrative and scientific leadership to the development and implementation of the proposed program.  It is expected that the PD/PI will be a pediatric endocrinologist with a strong record in biomedical research and mentoring.  If the PD/PI is not a pediatric diabetologist, a senior investigator with expertise in pediatric diabetes research must be included as a part of the leadership in the K12 program.  The PD/PI will be expected to monitor and assess the program and submit all documents and reports as required.  The PD/PI at the institution will be responsible for the appointment of the K12 scholars and for the overall direction, management and administration of the program.  In addition to the day to day administration of the program, the PD/PI will also be responsible for appointing members of the Advisory Committee and using their recommendations to determine the appropriate allotment of funds for research and career development.


The proposal will be prepared and submitted by Sponsored Research Services (SRS).


Proposal Limit: 1


Summary:  To foster the development of a diverse and highly trained workforce of pediatric endocrinologists to assume leadership roles related to the Nation’s biomedical and behavioral research efforts in the area of pediatric diabetes, This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) invites applications for institutional career development programs in diabetes research for pediatric endocrinologists.  The NIDDK will award physician scientist career development program (K12) grants to eligible institutions to provide a program to prepare pediatricians, selected by the institution, for careers in pediatric endocrinology research related to diabetes.




August 5, 2015

Deadline for an email of intent including the title of the internal proposal and a one to three sentence description of the project. 


Send email of intent to

August 12, 2015

Deadline to submit an internal proposal.


All proposals for the LSP must be submitted electronically using the e-proposal on-line application system.


Be prepared to upload your internal proposal. The sections will include a one-three page research plan summary, two-page bio-sketch, and preliminary budget.


The e-proposal site is password protected. Texas A&M principal investigators may use their NetID and password to access the system. If you do not have a NetID, click HERE for help to activate your NetID. You will need your UIN and your date of birth.

If you have any questions, please contact:  or 979.862.2233.


September 2, 2015

Target date for the notifications to PIs of the result of the internal competition.

November 2, 2015

Sponsor deadline for the full proposal (due by 5:00 p.m. proposer’s local time).



Internal Selection Procedures:

Texas A&M has established a procedure to identify limited submission opportunities and internally select proposals for Texas A&M submissions.  Please contact us if you have any questions about the limited submission process.