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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Limited Submission Program (LSP): This funding opportunity and the LSP is open to all Texas A&M faculty and principal investigators (PIs) who meet the eligibility requirements. The University and The Texas A&M University System agencies jointly administer this process to select the proposal(s) that will be submitted to the sponsor in response to this solicitation.

PI Eligibility: Any individual(s) with the skills, knowledge, and resources necessary to carry out the proposed research as the project director/principal investigator is invited to work with his/her organization to develop an application for support. Individuals from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups as well as individuals with disabilities are always encouraged to apply for HHS/CDC support.

The proposal will be prepared and submitted by Sponsored Research Services (SRS).

Proposal Limit: One (1)

Summary: The purpose of the program is to develop centers that conduct high quality research and help translate scientific discoveries into practice for the prevention and control of fatal and nonfatal injuries, violence, and related disabilities and serve as training centers as well as information centers for the public. This program addresses the “Healthy People 2020” focus area(s) of injury and violence prevention. For more information, see

The purposes of the NCIPC ICRC program are to:

  • Build the scientific base for the prevention and control of fatal and nonfatal injuries, violence, and related disabilities.
  • Integrate, in the context of a national program, professionals from a wide spectrum of disciplines of epidemiology, behavioral and social sciences, medicine, biostatistics, public health, health economics, law, criminal justice, and engineering to perform research and provided technical expertise in order to prevent and control injuries and/or violence more effectively.
  • Encourage investigators to propose research that involves intervention development and testing as well as research on methods to enhance the adoption and maintenance of effective intervention strategies among individuals, organizations, or communities.
  • Provide technical assistance to injury and/or violence prevention and control programs in their geographic region, including other researchers; universities; medical institutions; community groups; state and local government agencies, public health agencies; and policy makers.
  • Use their research findings to inform policy.
  • Act as sources of injury and/or violence prevention and control information for their constituents and stakeholders at the local, state, tribal, national, and global levels.

An injury control research center functions as a multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary organization that provides outreach, training, and conducts research in a cross cutting and integrated manner that impacts the field of injury and/or violence prevention and control. Centers should strive to strengthen the injury and/or violence prevention infrastructure by integrating resources at the local, state, and national levels. Centers activities should focus on high CDC priority topics and issues including NCIPC’s priorities as well as problems of injury and/or violence prevention and control unique to the center’s geographic region. Centers activities should also focus on translational research. For the purposes of this FOA translation research also includes dissemination and implementation research.


May 17, 2013: Deadline for an email of intent including the title of the internal proposal and a
one to three sentence description of the project.

Send email of intent to

May 23, 2013: Deadline to submit an internal proposal.

All proposals for the LSP must be submitted electronically using the e-proposal on-line application system.

Be prepared to upload your internal proposal. The sections will include a 1-3 page research plan summary and bio-sketch.

The e-proposal site is password protected. Texas A&M PIs may use their NetID and password to access the system. If you do not have a NetID, from the e-proposal site, click on “Signup,” fill in the pertinent information and an account will be created for you.

If you have any questions, please contact: or 979.862.2233.

June 13, 2013: Target date for the notifications to PIs of the result of the internal competition.

September 6, 2013: Sponsor deadline for required letter of intent.

November 4, 2013: Sponsor deadline for the full application by 5:00 P.M. Eastern Time

Internal Selection Procedures: Texas A&M has established a procedure to identify limited submission opportunities and internally select proposals for Texas A&M submissions. Please contact us if you have any questions about the limited submission process.