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Limited Submission Funding Opportunity for Texas A&M University
High Performance System Acquisition: Enhancing the Petascale Computing Environment for Science and Engineering

National Science Foundation NSF

Institution Eligibility:
Restricted to Texas A&M University/TAMU-RS - U.S. institutions of higher education and Federally Funded Research and Development Centers are eligible to apply as Resource Providers. It is recognized that FFRDCs may be positioned to make unique contributions to the HPC environment important to academic researchers. Hence for the purposes of this solicitation, NSF will consider acquiring and deploying HPC systems at FFRDC sites. However, proposing organizations must assure that open access to the HPC systems deployed will be provided to researchers from the broad range of science and engineering fields supported by NSF.

Limit on Applications
An organization may submit only one proposal but may be a sub-awardee on other proposals responding to this solicitation.

PI Eligibility:
Collaborative projects may only be submitted as a single proposal in which a single award is being requested. The involvement of partner organizations should be supported through sub-awards administered by the submitting organization.

The purpose of this solicitation is to generate proposals from Resource Provider organizations who are committed to the delivery of world leading High Performance Computing (HPC) resources through the XD environment described in the Introduction. This competition emphasizes the provision of system and services that deliver high levels of performance for many different types of science and engineering applications while also  introducing significant innovation which will expand the value of HPC to the science and engineering community.

Competitive HPC acquisitions will:

  • Expand the range of data intensive computationally-challenging science and engineering applications that can be tackled with XD HPC services;
  • Introduce a major new innovative capability component to science and engineering research communities:
  • Provide an effective migration path to researchers scaling data and code beyond the campus level;
  • Incorporate reliable, robust system software and services essential to optimal sustained performance;
  • Efficiently provide a high degree of stability and usability by January, 2013; and
  • Complement and leverage existing XD capabilities and services.


January 31, 2011: Deadline for an email of intent, including the names of the PI and co-PIs, title of internal proposal and a 1-3 sentence description of the project. 

Send email of intent to

February 4, 2011: Deadline to submit an internal proposal, including signatures of approval from your department head and college dean, to the Office of Research Development for review by the internal selection committee.

E-mail internal application to

February 11, 2011: The Internal Selection Committee will notify PIs of the result of the internal competition.

March 7, 2011: Deadline for the full proposal.

Internal Selection Procedures:
Texas A&M University has established a process to identify limited submission opportunities and internally select applications for Texas A&M submissions.