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Texas A&M Stakeholders Operations Committee (TSOC)

On September 1, 2015, the administrative responsibility for The Texas A&M University System Office of Sponsored Research Services (SRS) was transferred to Texas A&M University’s Division of Research, reporting to the vice president for research. Following this transition, the vice president for research established the SRS Transition and Services Operations Committee (TSOC) to assist with the transition of SRS to the University and to continue the efforts of the SRS System Roles and Responsibilities Committee to optimize SRS services for principal investigators. The TSOC consists of research administrators from  A&M System members, SRS management, and representatives from the faculty including the Council of Principal Investigators and the Faculty Senate. 

TSOC and SRS made significant improvements to the services offered by SRS and to the procedures used that affected sponsored research activities. A total of 41 TSOC Recommendations have been submitted to and approved by the vice president for research. With the successful hiring of a new executive director of SRS, Ms. Kristi Billinger, and the implementation of her executive management team, the vice president for research in March 2016, approved the restructuring of the SRS Transition and Services Operations Committee to the Texas A&M Stakeholders Operations Committee, keeping the acronym TSOC. This restructured committee has been asked to address system member level recommendations, while continuing to come up with commonalities where feasible across the clients of SRS. Most importantly, TSOC will take a comprehensive look at research administration in an effort to remove obstacles in policy and procedure. Additional information regarding the restructure of this committee is detailed in TSOC Recommendation No. 41 below.  

Texas A&M University Stakeholders Operations Committee (TSOC)


Texas A&M University Research Administration Committee (TRAC)

Texas A&M Research Administration Committee (TRAC) provides a forum for representatives from all aspects of research administration (Division of Research, Sponsored Research Services, centers, colleges, fiscal and the Provost’s office) to come together for the purposes of analyzing problem processes in efforts to streamline the procedures and remove any unnecessary burdens in research administration. TRAC also has faculty representation which brings topics of concern from the principal investigator committee of SRS and from the Council of Principal Investigators to the TRAC committee as a whole.     



Jack Baldauf
Interim Vice President for Research