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Research Development Services (RDS) provides single investigator and early career faculty with proposal development support. For single investigator proposal support, RDS provides individual faculty with proposal development support for NIH proposals. RDS offers assistance throughout the proposal development process, depending on the needs of each individual PI. For Early Career Faculty Support, RDS targeted programs will receive first attention, but early career faculty can ask for proposal development assistance with any grant. Additionally, RDS holds workshops and seminars on developing and writing proposals to a number of federal agencies, which are open to all faculty, and workshops that are targeted to early career faculty who meet the eligibility criteria for programs with the NSF, NIH, DOE, and DOD.

Proposal Review and Editing
  • Critique iterative proposal drafts
  • Provide comments on the overall flow, organization, and development of content
  • Evaluate clarity of significance and innovation of proposed work sections
  • Assess compliance with review criteria, funder mission and guidelines, and past reviewer comments (if available)

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, Executive Director
Focus: Proposal & Professional Development

, Senior Research Development Officer
Focus: Early Career Faculty

, Research Development Officer
Focus: NIH Early Stage Investigators