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Research Development Services (RDS) provides faculty with proposal development support for multidisciplinary funding opportunities. RDS can assist with idea development and proposal planning and/or project management throughout the proposal development process. Specific assistance might include a combination of the following:

Positioning and Capture Planning
  • Explore­ and analyze potential funding opportunities
  • Internal and external capability assessments
  • Organize workshops or brainstorming sessions with faculty
  • Support engagement with funding agency representatives
Proposal Process Coordination
  • Solicitation analysis and advice on agency requirements
  • Proposal development planning (checklists, outlines, schedule, responsibilities, assignments)
  • Coordinate consultant support
  • Facilitate proposal team meetings to clarify project goals and implementation plans
  • Coordinate with partner institutions/entities
  • Assistance with the visual appeal of the proposal (graphics, fonts, white-space, etc.)
Assistance with Non-Scientific Documents
  • Provide agency specific templates and guidance
  • Assist with gathering and collecting university information and data for required documents
  • Document collection, coordination, and compliance check
  • Documents include but not limited to Biosketches, Current and Pending, Conflict of Interest, Letters of Support, etc.
Proposal Writing and Editing
  • Structure proposal outline as a writing guide
  • Provide customized templates and samples of key documents
  • Provide suggestions to increase the power and clarity of the key messages/themes
  • Edit and format for consistency across multiple sections and authors for voice, grammar, stylistic elements, clarity, cohesiveness, and overall effect
  • Condense text and eliminate redundancies
  • Finalize/polish final documents
  • Graphics support. (Free with VPR's approval)
Internal Proposal Review
  • Provide comments on the focus, organization, and development of preliminary drafts
  • Provide comments on clarity of significance, innovation, and potential impact of proposed work
  • Provide comments for compliance with review criteria, funder mission and guidelines, and past reviewer comments (if available)
Proposal Review
  • Organize and facilitate internal proposal reviews by RDS staff
  • Red Team Review: Identifying and coordinating external review of well developed drafts. (Free with VPR’s approval)
  • Note: the proposal must be reviewed internally for cost justification of the use of externally paid reviewers

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