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Minimum Qualifications

Appropriate doctoral degree plus three years of relevant professional experience.


Commensurate with qualifications. The Division of Research suggests a starting salary within the low to median range. Requests for salaries outside of the low to high range should include justification for the out-of-range amount.

Low: $44,456.00

Median: $64,062.00

High: $105,066.24

In accordance with FLSA guidelines, an employee whose salary is below $23,660 per year ($1,971.66 per month) is considered non-exempt. The employee will be paid biweekly and will receive overtime compensation for hours physically worked in excess of 40 hours per week. Proposed changes to FLSA guidelines could change the salary threshold to $47,476 per year ($3,956.34 per month) pending a court injunction. This page will be updated if and when there are changes to FLSA Guidelines.

Required Approvals

Principal Investigator, Department, College, Vice President for Research

ORP/TRS Eligibility


Duties and Responsibilities

Duties are specifically related to research activities, require an advanced level of knowledge in a field of science or learning, are predominantly intellectual and varied in character, and require consistent use of discretion and judgment. Duties may include, but are not limited to:

  • Specific research activities
  • Organization of projects
  • Supervision of research personnel
  • Preparation of research proposal assistance
  • Related duties as required

This position reports to the principal investigator or project leader. Specific duties should be listed on the position description portion of the Workday Business Process.

For questions, please contact Tom Owen in Research Enterprise Business Services.