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Bioscience Business Accelerator

Bioscience Business Accelerator Application

Comparative Medicine Program

Core Facilities

External Faculty Awards and Recognition

Research Park Event Form


Conflict of Interest and Responsible Conduct of Research


Export Controls

Financial Conflict of Interest

Guidance – Foreign Influence in Research

PI Eligibility on Sponsored Agreements, Proposals, and Projects

Responsible Conduct of Research

Visiting Research Scholars


Research Administration

Administration of Multi-Disciplinary Research Projects 

Cost Sharing

Data Management Plans

DOR Unfunded Research Agreements

  • MTA
  • NDA
  • Data Use

Time and Effort 

Interim Funding

Budgeting on Project Zero


Research Compliance and Biosafety

About Research Compliance and Biosafety

Good Laboratory Practices

Human Research Protection Program

Animal Welfare Office

Biosafety Program

Research Compliance Review Committees


Research Development Services

About Research Development Services

International Programs

Large, Complex, Multi-disciplinary Proposal Support

Research Interest Groups

Specific Aims Resources Examples

Workshop Calendar

NIH Individual Development Plans

NIH Proposal Resources

Search for External Funding Opportunities


Research Enterprise Business Services

Research Titles and Staffing


Sponsored Research Services

Sponsored Research Services Website

Budgeting (tutorials)

Find your SRS contact


Sponsor Tip Sheets (Budget Process)

Contract Negotiation Process

SRS Administration


Project Closeout

Project Monitoring

Project Payroll

Project Set-up 

Centers and Institutes 

All Centers and Institutes

Global Health Research Complex

Hagler Institute for Advanced Study

High Performance Research Computing

Institute for Genome Sciences and Society

Microscopy and Imaging Center

Texas A&M Energy Institute

Texas A&M Institute of Data Science