Systems and Synthetic Biology Innovations Hub

The Synthetic and Systems Biology Hub integrates a biodesign core, a high-throughput screening core, an implementation core, and a characterization and scale-up core. The four core functions were built with state-of-the-art instruments and extensive expertise. The instruments include colony picker, BioLector Pro high-throughput fermenter, Imaging system, HPLC, nanoLC-MS/MS, larger fermenters, and others. The platforms integrate to achieve biodesign, high-throughput screening, high-throughput fermentation, proteomics, systems biology analysis, and scale-up of biomanufacturing and fermentation capacity.


  • SpectraMAX i3x/300 imaging cytometer: imaging system and plate reader
  • Qpix 420: colony picking
  • BioLector Pro: high throughput fermentation
  • Eppendorf Bioflo 120: 2L fermentation
  • Ultimate 3000: HPLC