SQUID Magnetometer

We are a full service Superconducting Quantum Interference Device laboratory offering state of the art instrumentation for the analysis of solid materials. Our services include magnetic analysis for Chemistry, Material Sciences and Pharmaceuticals. We are staffed by trained Ph.D. scientists who employ the most up to date SQUID techniques. Please feel free to contact us about your magnetic needs.

Quantum Design MPMS3 SQUID Magnetromtery

  • Cryogen Free with EverCool®
  • Multiple Measurement Modes
    • DC Scan
    • VSM (Vibrating Sample Magnetometer) Scan
    • AC Susceptibility Scan
  • Temperature Range: 1.8 – 400K
  • 7 Tesla Magnet (-70 kOe to +70 kOe)
  • Ultra low field ± 0.05 G with a 7 T magnet