Closing or Moving Labs

When investigators move or leave laboratories, each space must be cleared of all biohazardous material. This includes the removal or destruction of all biological agents and recombinant DNA and decontamination of all equipment.

To whom does this apply?

Requirements for biological hazard removal from labs are outlined in University SAP 24.01.01.M4.04 Laboratory Decommissioning Procedure. This procedure must be followed for the removal of any investigator’s biohazards, even if the laboratory is in continuous use by another investigator.

This information specifically applies to BSL-1 and BSL-2 laboratories. Additional procedures are required for decommissioning BSL-3 space. Contact Biosafety with questions.

What do I need to do?

  • Submit a notice of Decommissioning Form.
  • Submit a room change amendment or IBC permit termination request in iRIS.
  • Biosafety staff will contact you and provide additional guidance.
  • Follow the checklist in the biohazard removal form.
    • Biohazards must be destroyed according to the Biohazardous Waste Disposal Guidelines or must be transferred to another laboratory according to the Biohazard Transport Guidelines.
    • Equipment must be decontaminated using appropriate disinfectants. Equipment that will be moved by third parties, sent to surplus, or left behind must be accompanied by a completed Equipment Decontamination Form.
    • All surfaces of biosafety cabinets remaining in the space must be thoroughly decontaminated with an appropriate disinfectant. Biosafety cabinets that are moved to another location must be gas or vapor decontaminated by a licensed vendor in addition to surface decontamination performed by researchers.
    • All cabinets and drawers must be emptied and decontaminated.
    • Counters must be thoroughly decontaminated and floors must be mopped with an appropriate disinfectant solution.
  • Biosafety staff will visit the lab to ensure that all biohazardous laboratory waste has been disposed of properly and that all surfaces and equipment have been decontaminated using approved disinfectants.
  • As appropriate, biosafety personnel will remove certified biohazard lab signage and post a notice of decommissioning.
  • The completed Biological Hazard Removal Form will be provided to the PI, the department head, and Environmental Health and Safety.


University SAP 24.01.01.M4.04 Laboratory Decommissioning Procedure

Biological Hazard Removal Form

Equipment Decontamination Form