Dependent Care Grant for Research Pilot Program

The Division of Research is committed to the excellence and support of Texas A&M University faculty. The attendance at professional research meetings is critical to Texas A&M faculty with active sponsored research projects. These meetings advance research and contribute to scholarship and innovation that benefit our state and nation. Accordingly, to support this important activity, the Division of Research is launching its Dependent Care Grant program. Under this pilot program, the division will provide small grants to cover additional costs associated with dependent care needs.

This grant program, under the auspices of University Standard Administrative Procedure, Supplemental Compensation and Dual Employment, provides partial support for faculty who incur dependent care-related expenses in addition to their regular dependent care expenses while attending conferences, research collaborations, presentations or meetings to promote or facilitate research activities.

A dependent is defined as a minor or a disabled family member who resides with the faculty member, requires assistance with daily activities and for whom the faculty member is the primary caregiver.

Faculty may apply for a maximum of $1,000 per fiscal year. Grant requests will be accepted on a rolling basis. Requests should be submitted via email to prior to the event. The requested amount of grant support must be justified up to the allowed maximum amount. Payment will not be possible until all receipts have been submitted. This grant will be processed through Workday as supplemental pay and taxed at the supplemental federal withholding tax rate of 22% in addition to Social Security (6.2%) and Medicare (1.45%) taxes. Additional funds will not be provided to cover the expense of taxation.

Additional requirements for eligibility:

  • Eligible costs for this pilot program are limited to costs that are additional to the costs of care for eligible dependents that would typically be incurred at home. Examples include:
    • Onsite dependent care/expenses at the event location.
    • Fees paid to a caregiver (other than a spouse, partner or other immediate family member) for services provided.
    • Accommodations for a 24-hour caregiver to care for the dependent.
    • Reasonable dependent care expenses over and above the cost, if any, that the faculty member would normally incur at home (such as an additional weekend or evening) or if the dependent must travel with the faculty member. However, this program does not cover travel cost of the dependent or caregiver.
  • Ineligible expenses include:
    • Dependent care expenses at home that would normally be incurred (such as aftercare at school, ongoing dependent care, or meals and groceries for dependents or caregivers.Caregiver costs paid to immediate family members.
    • Any of the faculty member’s travel expenses, conference registration, or similar expenses.
    • Entertainment.
  • Only one faculty member may receive payment for eligible expenses per event. The same event cannot be claimed by two members of the same family.

Application Process:

  1. Faculty must submit a completed grant request for approval at least two weeks prior to
  2. Notification of approval or disapproval will be sent via email from

Supplemental Payment Process:

  1. Faculty should submit receipts to within 30 days of incurred expense and include the following certification statement: “I certify that these expenses were incurred based on the dependent care grant sponsored by the Division of Research at Texas A&M University.”
  2. If receipts are not submitted within 90 days, the approval for this expense will be rescinded, and notification will be sent via email to inform the faculty member.

*Under current law, these payments must be treated as taxable income (not eligible for retirement contribution) subject to withholding tax.