Multidisciplinary Networking and Collaboration

Research Development Services (RDS) provides assistance to research leaders for multidisciplinary networking and collaboration under target research themes or areas of interest, such as:

Multidisciplinary working group format examples:

*Multidisciplinary Working Group Open Forum - These 1-2 hour sessions can be researcher-initiated or developed from current research funding trends in those areas stated above.

  • Round table discussions (ideal for 12-16 attendees): A researcher(s) in a discipline (e.g., biomedical) that ties in with a broader multidisciplinary research theme (e.g., antimicrobial resistance) serves as the Team Leader for a round table session with other researchers from different disciplines (e.g., biomedical, veterinary, physical, mathematical, engineering, computational, and social sciences) who have a shared interest in, and whose research also ties into, the target multidisciplinary research theme of the session. 
  • Single slide 2 minute presentations (with or without poster session) (ideal for up to 80 attendees) Attendees bring one slide and give a brief  (2 minute) overview of their research activities and interest areas. Once everyone has presented, the activity moves into a social hour to facilitate general discussion amongst the attendees or individuals can participate in breakout sessions with a few other participants. These events can be combined with a poster session during the second half of the event during the social/mixer hour. Events are most productive with researchers from other colleges/units serve as co-coveners of the event.

*Attendees will receive a packet with all of the one slide presentations and bio pages of the participants. Logistical planning, publicity and administrative assistance for the event is available from RDS, including post-event surveys.

Have an idea for a multidisciplinary collaboration activity? Email Monica Holder, Division of Research at .